Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Opal Laboratory

Lab Members

Meet the Lab team members. We welcome requests for information about our work and collaboration opportunities.

Principal Investigator

Puneet Opal

Puneet Opal, MD, PhD
p-opal( at )
Professor in Neurology - Ken and Ruth Davee Department and Cell and Molecular Biology
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Postdoctoral Fellows

ChandrakanthEdamakanti (Chandu)

Chandrakanth Edamakanti (Chandu), PhD
chandu( at )
PhD: University of Würzburg, Germany

Research interests: pathogenesis of neurodegenerative disorders, polyglutamine disorders, Spinocerebellar Ataxia, expanded protein aggregation


Jimmy George, PhD at )
PhD: University of Coimbra, Portugal

Research interests: Understanding the role of senescence in neurodegeneration


Shikha Prasad, PhD
shikha.prasad( at )
PhD: Texas Tech University Health Sciences and Center

Research interests: neurodegeneration, neuropathy, protein degradation, biotherapeutics, neurofilaments

Graduate Students

Natalie Frederick

Natalie Frederick
fred( at )
BS (Biochemistry & Neurobiology): University of Wisconsin

Research interests: Understanding transcriptional dysregulation underlying dystonia


Matthew Mullen
matthewmullen2015( at )
BS (Neuroscience): University of Rochester

Research interests: Understanding molecular mechanisms of spinocerebellar ataxia pathogenesis

Technical Staff


James Coy-Dibley
james.coy-dibley( at )
Lab Technician
BS (Neurobiology & Neurosciences): DePaul University

Undergraduate Students


Parth Shah
parthshah2019( at )
BS (Biochemistry/Biophysics & Economics): Northwestern University, 2019

Research interests: molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis, therapeutic development/delivery systems, precision/regenerative medicine

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