Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

William Funk Lab

Selected Publications

Learn more about the research that we do in the Funk Laboratory through our recent publications.

Funk, W., Pleil, J., Sauter, D., McDade, T., Holl, J. Use of Dried Blood Spots for Estimating Children’s Exposures to Toxic Metals in Epidemiological Research. Environmental and Analytical Toxicology, 2015; S7:002.

Pleil, J., Beauchamp, J., Miekisch, W., Funk, W. Adapting Breath Biomarker Technologies to Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) Research: Current Thoughts on Using In Vivo Discovery for Developing In Vitro Target Methods. Journal of Breath Research, 2015; 9, 039001.

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Swanson, K., Kado, N., Funk, W., Pleil, J., Madden, M., Ghio, A. Release of the Pro-Inflammatory Markers by BEAS-2B Cells Following In Vitro Exposure to Biodiesel Extracts. The Open Toxicology Journal, 2009; 3(8), 8-15.

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Pleil, J., Funk, W., Rappaport, S. Residual Indoor Contamination from World Trade Center Rubble Fires as Indicated by Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Profiles. Environmental Science & Technology, 2006; 40 (4), 1172 -1177.