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Research in the Funk Lab investigates environmental risk factors associated with chronic diseases and cancers, and other adverse health outcomes. This work includes both non-targeted approaches for biomarker discovery, and targeted biomarker approaches using minimally-invasive dried blood spot sampling strategies. 

Selected Publications

Funk, W.,Pleil, J.,Sauter, D.,McDade, T.,Holl, J. Use of Dried Blood Spots for Estimating Children’s Exposures to Toxic Metals in Epidemiological Research.Environmental and Analytical Toxicology,2015; S7:002.

Rappaport, S., He, L.,Grigoryan, H.,Funk, W., Williams, E.Adductomics: Characterizing Exposures to Reactive Electrophiles.Toxicology Letters, 2012; 13;213(1), 83-90.

Funk, W., McGee, J.,Olshan, A.,Ghio, A. Quantification of Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, and Cadmium in Newborn Dried Blood Spots.Biomarkers, 2013; 18(2), 144-147. 

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    William Funk, PhD

    William Funk, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine

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