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Lab Members

Meet the lab team members and see our Alumni page for past members. We welcome requests for information about our work and collaboration opportunities. Contact the lab to learn more.

Lab members pose along a staircase

Principal Investigator

Shi-Yuan Cheng

Shi-Yuan Cheng, PhD

shiyuan.cheng( at )

Postdoctoral Fellowship, UCSD & LICR, Signal Transduction & Tumor Angiogenesis (1999)

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I love creative research and collaborating with colleagues within Northwestern and throughout the world. I also enjoy interacting with students and postdoctoral fellows. Outside my office, I enjoy my family, friendships and traveling.

Research Professor

Bo Hu

Bo Hu, PhD

Research Associated Professor at )

Postdoctoral Fellowship, UCSD, Biochemistry (1997)

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I love what I do everyday in the lab and my office. I enjoy my family and traveling.

Xiao (Lisa)  Song

Xiao (Lisa) Song, MD, PhD

Research Assistant Professor at )

PhD, Peking University (2016)

My research is focused on studying the roles of RNA alternative splicing in brain tumor development and the intricate interactions between tumors and the immune system, with the objective of developing novel RNA-based therapies for brain cancer. I am also interested in establishing human iPSC-derived glioma models and improving the three-dimensional organoid culture system for studying glioma biology and screening anti-glioma therapeutics.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Rebeca Iglesia

Rebeca Iglesia, PhD

rebecapiglesia( at )

PhD, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil (2017)

I am Rebeca Iglesia, bacharel in Biomedical Scien es and PhD in Cell Biology by University of São Paulo. My research englobes the study of celullar prion protein in the biology of glioblastoma stem cells, through its interaction with the chaperone heat shock organizing protein.

Deanna Tiek

Deanna Tiek, PhD

deanna.tiek( at )
PhD, Georgetown University (2019)

I'm curious to learn how post-translational modifications, specifically PAR, regulate the localization and aggregation of RNA binding proteins in drug resistant GBM. Once better understood, it would be interesting to see how specific inhibitors of PTM regulators affect both RBP localization and splicing. In my free time I love exploring new restaurants/coffee shops, and baking/cooking!

Xiaozhou Yu

Xiaozhou Yu, PhD

xiaozhou.yu( at )

PhD, Tianjin Medical University (2022)

I am a nuclear medicine and oncology doctor from China. The focus of my present research is the epigenetic regulation of gliomas. The study of the tumor microenvironment is an area that interests me.

Research Associate

Runxin Wu

Runxin Wu

runxin.wu( at )

Being a research associate, I study the role of alternative splicing and circular RNA in the tumor microenvironment. I am interested in exploring how these RNA molecules affect the tumor cells and their interactions with the surrounding tissues. I use various bioinformatic skills and experimental techniques to analyze the RNA expression and function in tumor models.