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The primary goal of research projects in Cheng laboratory is to improve our understanding of the molecular mechanisms and signaling pathways of human cancer initiation, tumorigenesis, invasion, metastases and therapy resistance, and to develop novel approaches for anti-cancer therapies. Our approaches include computational methods, molecular and cellular biology, tumor xenograft model in animal, human iPSC-derived glioma model, and 3D tumor organoid model.

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  • Tiek, D., et al (2022) "Temozolomide-induced guanine mutations create exploitable vulnerabilities of guanine-rich DNA and RNA regions in drug-resistant gliomas." Science Advances 8(25):eabn3471
  • Huang, T., et al (2021) "PRMT6 methylation of RCC1 regulates mitosis, tumorigenicity, and radiation response of glioblastoma stem cells." Mol Cell 81(6):1276-1291
  • Gao X., et al (2021) "Circular RNA-encoded oncogenic E-cadherin variant promotes glioblastoma tumorigenicity through activation of EGFR-STAT3 signalling." Nat Cell Biol 23(3):278-291
  • Sastry, N., et al (2020) "LY6K Promotes Glioblastoma Tumorigenicity via CAV-1-Mediated ERK1/2 Signaling Enhancement." Neuro-Oncology noaa032
  • Song, X., et al. (2019) "SRSF3-Regulated RNA Alternative Splicing Promotes Glioblastoma Tumorigenicity by Affecting Multiple Cellular Processes." Cancer Research 79(20):5288-5301
  • Huang, T., et al (2019) "MIR93 (microRNA -93) regulates tumorigenicity and therapy response of glioblastoma by targeting autophagy." Autophagy 15(6):1100-1111
  • Huang, T., et al. (2017) "MST4 Phosphorylation of ATG4B Regulates Autophagic Activity, Tumorigenicity, and Radioresistance in Glioblastoma." Cancer Cell  32(6):840-855
  • Huang, T., et al. (2016) “A Regulatory Circuit of miR-125b/miR-20b and Wnt Signaling Controls GBM Phenotypes through FZD6-Mediated Pathways.” Nat. Comm. 7:12885
  • Feng, H., et al. (2012) “Phosphorylation of Dock180Y722 by Src Family Kinases Mediates EGFRvIII-driven Glioma Tumorigenesis.” PNAS 109(8):3018-23
  • Feng, H., et al. (2014) “EGFR Phosphorylation of DCBLD2 Recruits TRAF6 and Stimulates Akt-promoted Tumorigenesis.” J Clin. Invest. 124(9):3741-56
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Shi-Yuan Cheng, PhD

Shi-Yuan Cheng, PhD
Professor in Neurology - Ken and Ruth Davee Department

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