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Investigating peripheral and central nervous system development.

The Awatramani Lab

Our research at the Awatramani laboratory focuses on three topics: 1) Mechanisms underpinning dopamine neuron development; 2) Uncovering dopamine neuron diversity; and 3) Mechanisms of Schwann cell differentiation.

Dr. Awatramani

Lab Leadership

Rajeshwar Awatramani, PhDJohn Eccles Professor of Neurology
Professor of Neurology (Movement Disorders) and Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Meet Our Team

We welcome your questions and comments. Get to know our lab members and contact us view the links below.

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People walking outside the Searle building

Images from the Lab

Inersecinal geneic labeling f dpamine nerns

Intersectional genetic labeling of dopamine neurons

Prjecins f a dpamine nern sbype

Projections of a dopamine neuron subtype

Sbsania nigra f he Th-LacZ mse

Substantia nigra of the Th-LacZ mouse