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Cheng Lab

Meet the Lab team members. We welcome requests for information about our work and collaboration opportunities.

Principal Investigator


Shi-Yuan Cheng, PhD
shiyuan.cheng( at )
Postdoctoral Fellowship, UCSD & LICR, Signal Transduction & Tumor Angiogenesis (1999)
PhD, The Ohio State University, Biochemistry (1992)
BS, Wuhan University, Biochemistry (1982)

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I love creative research and collaborating with colleagues within Northwestern and throughout the world. I also enjoy interacting with students and postdoctoral fellows. Outside my office, I enjoy my family, friendships and traveling.

Research Associate Professor


Bo Hu, PhD at )
Postdoctoral Fellowship, UCSD, Biochemistry (1997)
PhD, The Ohio State University, Biochemistry (1992)
MS, Tongji Medical University, Biochemistry (1986)
BS, Shanghai First Med Univ, Pharmaceutical Chem (1982)

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I love what I do everyday in the lab and my office. I enjoy my family and traveling.

Postdoctoral Fellows


Angel Alvarez, PhD
stemcell( at )
Cert in Tech Commercialization & Entrepreneurship, UAB
PhD, Biomedical Sciences, UCF (2011)

I am an NIH-T32 research fellow focusing on brain tumors and stem cell biology, aiming to better understand how to target cancer stem cells drive cancer growth, invasiveness, and therapeutic resistance. My research interests involve using cell/molecular biology, xenograft modeling, and bioinformatics to better understand what drives cancer malignancy and treatment response.


Tianzhi Huang, PhD
tianzhi.huang( at )
PhD, Zhejiang University (2013)

My current research program is to understand molecular mechanisms of glioma stem cells (GSCs) including the regulation of Wnt Signaling by microRNAs, and the mechanisms of autophagy in control of GSC stemness and tumorigenicity.


Rajendra Pangeni, PhD
rajendra.pangeni( at )
PhD, University of Wolverhampton, UK (2015)

I am working on Glioblastoma (GBM) epigenomics/epigenetics to identify genes epigenetically dysregulated in different Glioblastoma stem cells (GSCs) subtypes using DNA methylaton profiling.

Xiao (Lisa) Song

Xiao (Lisa) Song, PhD at )
PhD, Peking University (2016)

My research program is to study the roles of novel phosphorylations in critical proteins that are important in histone functions and DNA repair of glioblastoma stem cells (GSCs). I also work to identify non-coding RNAs dysregulated in different GSCs subtypes and study mechanisms and biological influences of these non-coding RNAs in regulating GSC biology and GBM phenotypes.

Xuechao Wan

Xuechao Wan
wan.xuechao( at )
PhD, Fudan University (2017)

My current research is focusing on exploring the functional roles and molecular mechanisms of lncRNAs in regulating GSC biology and GBM phenotypes.

Yongyong (Jack)Yang

Yongyong (Jack) Yang, PhD
yongyong.yang( at )
PhD, Peking University (2016)

My current research program mainly focuses on exploring the role of DNA methylation and protein methylation in brain tumor, and further understanding the molecular mechanisms.

Graduate Students


Namratha Sastry, BS
namratha.sastry( at )
BS, West Virginia University (2012)

I'm studying how proteins that are differentially expressed in proneural versus mesenchymal glioma stem cells lead to aberrant signaling, and the consequences of this on tumorigenicity. When I'm not working in lab, I love outdoorsy activities (hiking, kayaking, biking) and baking!