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The primary goals of research projects in Cheng laboratory is to improve our understanding of the molecular mechanisms and signaling pathways of human cancer initiation, tumorigenesis, invasion, metastases and angiogenesis, and to develop novel approaches for anti-cancer therapies by targeting molecular pathways by which human tumors develop and progress. Our approaches include molecular, cellular biology, histology, tumor xenografts in cell culture and animals model systems of human brain tumors (in particular, glioblastomas) and breast cancers.

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    • Huang, T., et al. (2016) “A Regulatory Circuit of miR-125b/miR-20b and Wnt Signaling Controls GBM Phenotypes through FZD6-Mediated Pathways.” Nat. Comm. 7:12885
    • Feng, H., et al. (2012) “Phosphorylation of Dock180Y722 by Src Family Kinases Mediates EGFRvIII-driven Glioma Tumorigenesis.” PNAS, 109(8):3018-23
    • Feng, H., et al. (2014) “EGFR Phosphorylation of DCBLD2 Recruits TRAF6 and Stimulates Akt-promoted Tumorigenesis.” J Clin. Invest. 124(9):3741-56
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    Shi-Yuan Cheng, PhD

    Shi-Yuan Cheng, PhD
    Professor in Neurology - Ken and Ruth Davee Department

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