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Meet the Lab team members. We welcome requests for information about our work and collaboration opportunities.

Principal Investigator

Ronen Sumagin

Ronen Sumagin
ronen.sumagin( at )
Assistant Professor in Pathology
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Postdoctoral Fellows


Laura Manzanares
laura.manzanares( at )

Research Interest: After receiving my Ph.D. in Molecular Biomedicine in 2021, I moved to Chicago from Mexico to work in the Sumagin Lab because I am interested in the role that the immune system plays in gut inflammation and healing.

Fun Fact: I love sushi and dachshund dogs.

Enzo Piccolo

Enzo Piccolo, PhD
enzo.piccolo( at )

Research Interest: I am from France and got my Ph.D. in Pathophysiology in Toulouse in 2021. I came to NU because I am passionate about science. I am fascinated by the organization of the intracellular machinery of myeloid cells (mitochondria, phagocytes, nutrient sensing, transcription activity) and the realization of their function in the different challenges they encounter. More specifically, I am interested in understanding the roles of hypoxia and mitochondrial activity in neutrophils during myocardial infarction.

Fun Fact: I get 2 PIs for the price of one! I am also a post doc for the Thorp Lab so I can use the strengths of both teams to achieve my goals. But does it mean I work twice as hard?


Xingsheng Ren, PhD
xsren21( at )

Research Interest: My research focuses on macrophage and endothelial cell interactions. I am also very interested in trying to understand whether microparticles facilitate these interactions.

Fun Fact: I like to sing karaoke with my friends. Especially, Chinese songs and English songs.

Graduate Students

Lenore Yalom

Lenore Yalom
lenoreyalom2019( at )

Research Interest: Having worked in the field of stem cell and regenerative biology, I am excited to bring my interest and passion into the lab by studying neutrophil regulation of intestinal stem cells.

Fun Fact: I lived in Tokyo, Melbourne, Paris and the Bay Area. I also eat potato chips with chopsticks.

Technical Staff

Jessica Urbanczyk

Jessica Urbanczyk
jessica.urbanczyk( at )



Triet Bui
Graduate Student

Veronika Butin-Israeli, PhD
Research Assistant Professor in Pathology


Jackson DiSario
Summer Student

Carlos Samuel Galan Enriquez
Postdoctoral Fellow


Ariel Finkielsztein, PhD
Research Associate in Pathology

Joseph Lee
Undergraduate Research Assistant


Lorraine Mascarenhas
Research Technologist I

Lindsey Mehl
Undergraduate Research Assistant


Jake Rehring
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Allison Rux
Summer Student


Thomas Slater
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Hannah Wiesolek
Research Technologist 1


Meredith Zhou
Undergraduate Research Assistant