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Studying immune cell trafficking and function in mucosal inflammation and cancer.


The Sumagin Lab

Our laboratory is utilizing state-of-the-art intravital imaging techniques, including multi-photon and spinning disc microscopy, as well as multiple animal models of intestinal inflammation and disease, supplemented by in-vitro biochemical and molecular approaches to study leukocyte (neutrophil, monocyte/macrophage) trafficking in mucosal tissues. We are particularly interested in exploring the roles of innate immune cells in regulating intestinal homeostasis, wound healing, host pathogen interactions and cancer development.

Meet Our Team

Lab Leadership

Ronen Sumagin, PhD
Associate Professor in Pathology

Selected Publications

Ren X, Manzanares LD, Piccolo EB, Urbanczyk JM, Sullivan DP, Yalom LK, Bui TM, Lantz C, Najem H, Dulai PS, Heimberger AB, Thorp EB, Sumagin R. Macrophage-endothelial cell crosstalk orchestrates neutrophil recruitment in inflamed mucosa. J Clin Invest. 2023 Aug 1;PMID: 37261911                                                                               

Manzanares LD, David J, Ren X, Yalom LK, Piccolo EB, Dehghan Y, David AJ, Hanauer SB, Sumagin R. Atovaquone attenuates experimental colitis by reducing neutrophil infiltration of colonic mucosa. Front Pharmacol. 2022 Oct 14;PMID: 36313299 

 Lockhart JS, Sumagin R. Non-Canonical Functions of Myeloperoxidase in Immune Regulation, Tissue Inflammation and Cancer. Int J Mol Sci. 2022 Oct 14;PMID: 36293108 

Bui TM, Yalom LK, Sumagin R.  Tumor-associated neutrophils: orchestrating cancer pathobiology and therapeutic resistance.Expert Opin Ther Targets. 2021 Jul; Epub 2021 Jul 16;PMID: 34236924 

 Mei Y, Han X, Liu Y, Yang J, Sumagin R, Ji P  Diaphanous-related formin mDia2 regulates beta2 integrins to control hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell engraftment.  Nat Commun 2020 Jun 23;11(1):3172 PMID: 32576838, PMCID: PMC7311390

Bui TM, Wiesolek HL, Sumagin R  ICAM-1: A master regulator of cellular responses in inflammation, injury resolution, and tumorigenesis.  J Leukoc Biol 2020 Mar 17; PMID: 32182390

Wiesolek HL, Bui TM, Lee JJ, Dalal P, Finkielsztein A, Batra A, Thorp EB, Sumagin R  Intercellular Adhesion Molecule 1 Functions as an Efferocytosis Receptor in Inflammatory Macrophages.  Am J Pathol 2020 Apr;190(4):874-885 PMID: 32035057, PMCID: PMC7180595