Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Craig Horbinski Lab

Nervous System Tumor Bank

The Northwestern University Nervous System Tumor Bank (NSTB) provides Northwestern researchers with high-quality patient-derived biospecimens (tissues, cells, blood, and cerebrospinal fluid) to support preclinical and translational neuro-oncology research. We offer a comprehensive platform for biospecimen and data banking, including protocol and informed consent tracking, sample annotation, inventory management, tissue microarray construction, and integration with sample processing and analysis technologies.


NSTB services fall into the broad categories of specimen acquisition and annotation, histology and immunohistochemistry, specimen distribution, honest broker services, and digital imaging. The NSTB provides fresh patient-derived tissues for targeted projects involving cell culture and xenograft development. All biospecimens are annotated with demographic, molecular, pathologic, and clinical data. The NSTB provides comprehensive histology services for human specimens and for animal tissues that include necropsy, phenotyping of organs and tissues, dissection and tissue processing, and interpretation.
Consultation with Dr. Horbinski, the NSTB Director and a board-certified neuropathologist, is available to all Northwestern researchers studying nervous system tumors.
Currently, the NSTB supports over 50 brain tumor projects by over 20 investigators within and outside Northwestern University.
To submit a request for research specimens, please complete the NSTB request form (pdf download) and email the form to Requests are reviewed monthly at the NSTB committee meeting.

The NSTB works with NUCore for the billing of our items and services. The NUCore website can be found here: