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Goldman Lab

Laboratory for Cytoskeletal and Nucleoskeletal Dynamics

Our lab investigates the structure and function of intermediate filaments (IF), a major cytoskeletal component that plays a critical role in providing structural and mechanical support to the cell. IF are the most diverse of the three major cytoskeletal filaments, being encoded by approximately 70 different genes. This large family of proteins is subdivided into five types, four of which are located in the cytoplasm (cytoskeletal IF) and one type that is restricted to the nucleus (nucleoskeletal IF), and all mammalian cells contain one or more of these IF types. Dysregulation of IFs causes a wide range of human diseases including blistering diseases of the skin, cardiomyopathies, lipodystrophy, muscular dystrophies and neuropathy. The Goldman laboratory provides a supportive, interactive environment in which students and fellows carry out cutting edge research in preparation for careers as independent scientists and educators. Please enjoy perusing our site, and do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Robert D. Goldman, PhD

Robert D. Goldman, PhD
Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
Professor, Department of Medicine-Pulmonary
Northwestern University
Feinberg School of Medicine