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Selected Publications

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  17. Sinjoanu, RC, Kleinschmidt, S, Bitner, RS, Brioni, J, Moeller, A, and Ferreira, A. The novel calpain inhibitor A-705253 potently inhibits oligomeric beta-amyloid-induced dynamin 1 and tau cleavage in hippocampal neurons. Neurochem. Intl. 53: 79-88, 2008.
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  25. Lang, AE, Riherd-Methner, DN, and Ferreira, A. Neuronal degeneration, synaptic  defects, and behavioral abnormalities in tau45-230 transgenic miceNeuroscience 275: 322-339, 2014.
  26. Tunc-Ozcan, E, Ferreira, A, and Redei, EE. Modeling Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Validating an Ex Vivo Primary Hippocampal Cell Culture System. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 40(6):1273-82, 2016.
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  29. Afreen S, and Ferreira A. Altered Cytoskeletal Composition and Delayed Neurite Elongation in tau45-230-Expressing Hippocampal Neurons. J. Neuroscience 412:1-15, 2019.


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Book Chapters

  1. Kosik, KS, Ferreira, A, Knowles, R, Leclerc, N, and Greenberg, S. Linking Amyloid Precursor protein processing and Tau-related Pathology in Alzheimer's Disease. In: Alzheimer's disease: Lessons from Cell Biology.  pp 230-240, 1995.
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  6. Ferreira A, Afreen S. Methods related to studying tau fragmentation. Methods Cell Biol 141:245-258, 2017.