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Investigating familial causes of heart rhythm problems.

The Webster Lab

We investigate familial causes of heart rhythm problems, including problems that cause palpitations (fast heart rates), syncope (passing out), and sudden death. Our mission is to identify families with an inherited risk of rhythm diseases and to improve genetic assessment and clinical care in those families. We focus on participants from age 1 to age 40. In selected subjects, we perform whole genome sequencing. We work with families, cardiologists, and other providers to obtain appropriate clinical and genetic follow-up.

Invesigaing he geneic changes ha case hear disease in children and families

Investigating the genetic changes that cause heart disease in children and families

Undersanding rare disease like TECRL arrhyhmia

Understanding rare disease like TECRL arrhythmia

Idenifying cases f sdden deah in he yng

Identifying causes of sudden death in the young

Changing pracice in ps-mrem care

Changing practice in post-mortem care

Believing in a paien-fcsed research apprach

Believing in a patient-focused research approach

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Gregory Webster, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Cardiology in the Department of Medicine

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