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Improving sleep health and treating sleep disorders.

The Behavioral Sleep Medicine Lab

The Behavioral Sleep Medicine (BSM) Lab is dedicated to improving sleep health and treating sleep disorders through innovative cognitive and behavioral interventions. Specific areas of interests include:

  1. Mindfulness-based interventions for insomnia and narcolepsy
  2. Treatment of insomnia comorbid with other health conditions, such as obstructive sleep apnea, migraine headaches, and cardiometabolic diseases
  3. Innovations in the delivery of mindfulness and behavioral treatment using telehealth or digital delivery

In addition to these intervention studies, the BSM lab is involved in studies examining the psychological and physiological mechanisms related to sleep and circadian disturbances, autonomic functioning, and pain across medical and psychiatric conditions.

Our Team


Jennifer M. Mundt, PhD, DBSM

Assistant Professor of Neurology (Sleep Medicine) and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

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Research Highlights

Disturbed sleep like that depicted in this hypnogram is a major public health concern