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About Our Lab

Our work is focused on identifying targets and functions of microRNAs encoded by the human herpesvirus Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV).

Selected Publications

Manzano M, Forte E, Raja AN, Schipma MJ, Gottwein E. 2015 Divergent target recognition by coexpressed 5'-isomiRs of miR-142-3p and selective viral mimicry. RNA PubMed:26137849

Forte E, Raja AN, Shamulailatpam P, Manzano M, Schipma MJ, Casey JL, Gottwein E. 2014 MicroRNA-mediated transformation by the Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus Kaposin locus. J Virol PubMed:25505059

Grosswendt S, Filipchyk A, Manzano M, Klironomos F, Schilling M, Herzog M, Gottwein E, Rajewsky N. 2014 Unambiguous identification of miRNA:target site interactions by different types of ligation reactions. Mol Cell PubMed:24857550

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Eva Gottwein, PhD

Eva Gottwein, PhD
Assistant Professor in Microbiology-Immunology

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Postdoctoral Positions Available

Interested candidates with good scientific accomplishment are encouraged to apply. Your application should contain a short cover letter (0.5-1 page, stating yourarea of interest), three references with contact information, a CV, and bibliography. For more information click here.