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Lab Members

Meet the core Gershon Lab team members. We welcome requests for information about our work and collaboration opportunities. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and does not represent our full team.

Lead Investigator


 Project Managers

  • Amy Giella - Project Coordinator
  • Zahra Hosseinian, MA - Project Manager
  • Magda Kupczyk, MPH - ECHO (PRO Core) Project Manager
  • Vitali Ustsinovich, MA - Project Manager


  • Ezgi Aytürk, PhD – Postdoctoal Researcher
  • Manrui (Mary) Zhang, PhD candidate – Graduate Research Student

 Technical Team

  • Anyelo Almonte-Correa - IT Business Analyst
  • Rachel Hanrahan - IT Senior Business Analyst
  • Irina Kontsevaia - IT Senior Software Developer
  • Andrey Pankov - IT Senior Quality Assurance
  • Shalini Patel - IT Senior Software Developer
  • Pranav Rajiv - IT Software Developer
  • Anastasiya Shvaykovskaya - IT Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Maria Varela Diaz - IT Information Tech Director