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October 2018

  • Jennifer Rowley and Leah Simon participated in the 2018 Illinois Symposium on Reproductive Medicine.
    • Jenny was selected to give an oral presentation on her thesis research: “Low molecular weight hyaluronan exposure compromises oogenesis during in vitro follicle growth”.  She received second prize for her talk. Congratulations Jenny! jr_isrs_2018.png
    • Leah presented a poster on her thesis research: “Examining the effect of age-specific FSH glycoforms on murine secondary follicles”                                                                             ls_isrs_2018.jpg
  • Dr. Duncan represented the Society for the Study of Reproduction at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual meeting in Denver, CO. She chaired and spoke at the following events:

    1. Pre-Congress Course, The Germ Cell Environment and Its Impact on Gamete Quality
    2. SSR Symposium, Hallmarks of the Aging Egg: More than Chromosomes and Mitochondria asrm_2018.png
  • Dr. Duncan gave a talk at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City, MO entitled “The interplay between the growing oocyte and the ovarian microenvironment during female reproductive aging.”

September 2018

  • A new Duncan Lab publication:
    Duncan, F.E., Romar, R., Gadea, J. et al. "The use of virtual journal club to promote cross-cultural learning in the reproductive sciences". J Assist Reprod Genet. 2018 Sep 24. doi: 10.1007/s10815-018-1309-z
  • Dr. Atsuko Kusuhara presented her MS dissertation that she did in the Duncan lab at the Asian Society for Fertility Preservation meeting on September 22nd & 23rd in New Delhi, India.  She received first prize for oral presentation for her talk entitled “The pubertal transition impacts egg quality parameters.”  Congratulations Atsuko! ak_asfp_2018.png 
  • Dr. Duncan participated in the "Cellular and Molecular Aging of the Reproductive System" workshop as an invited speaker at the National Institute on Aging Division of Aging Biology.

August 2018

  • A new Duncan Lab publication:
    Grover AR, Kimler BF, Duncan FE. "Use of a Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP) facilitates analysis of systemic versus targeted radiation effects in the mouse ovary". Journal of Ovarian Research. 2018;11:72. doi:10.1186/s13048-018-0442-8.
  • Dr. Duncan traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina and participated in the meeting "Advances in Human Reproduction: New Strategies and New Approaches" held at the Instituto Universitario Hospital Italiano. There she gave three talks:
    1. New insights into the aging oocyte and ovarian microenvironment
    2. The Oncofertility Consortium: a paradigm of how to build a global fertility preservation program
    3. Merging biology, technology, and engineering to advance fertility preservation options
  • While in Buenos Aires, she also visited the Instituto Biologia y Medicina Experimental and gave a talk entitled Female reproductive aging: the gamete and beyond                                                               argentina_fd.jpg

July 2018

  • The Duncan lab participated in the 2018 Women’s Health Science Program whsp2018.jpg
  • Gillian was featured on The Histochemical Society's Facebook page!
  •  gillian.jpg
  • Dr. Duncan and Tracy Zhou were involved in the 2018 Society for the Study of Reproduction Annual Meeting that took place in New Orleans, LA. They took part in the following events:
    1. Dr. Duncan presented a poster titled "The pubertal transition impacts egg quality parameters in the mouse"
    2. Tracy presented her research in a flash talk, as well as a poster titled "O-GlcNAcylation is a highly conserved modification with distinct subcellular targets during meiosis in bovine and human gametes" glcnac-poster.jpg
    3. Dr. Duncan spoke at the SSR Trainee Forum on Career Transitions
    4. Dr. Duncan participated in the SSR Trainee/Mentor Luncheon
  • Work in the Duncan Lab was featured as the cover of Reproduction! repr_cover_june2018_news.jpg

June 2018

  • Congratulations Gillian for being awarded the 2018 Histochemical Society Capstone grant for her project "Optimization of fixation conditions to detect hyaluronan in a tissue-specific manner.” This award, together with the Marcia Storch fellowship, will fund Gillian's research in the lab this summer! Read more about the Histochemical Society Capstone Grant.
  • Many congratulations to Allison Grover, Atsuko Kusuhara, Tracy Zhou and Natalie Quan on graduation! The Duncan lab wishes you all the best on your future endeavors and adventures!
  • dl-graduation2018.jpg
  • Congratulations to Tracy for receiving the first ever Makowski Award for Outstanding MS-RSM student! Read more about the award: Makowski Award for Outstanding MS-RSM Student
  • Congratulations to Gillian Rubenstein for receiving the Marcia L. Storch, MD Scholarship Fund for Undergraduate Women! Gillian is an undergraduate at the University of Michigan who is working in the Duncan Lab this summer. This award will allow her to perform research on hyaluronan in the mouse ovary.​
  • The Duncan Lab enjoyed participating in and presenting posters at the 2018 Annual Reproductive Science and Medicine Summit hosted by the Center for Reproductive Science. Jordan Machlin was an invited panelist on a Scientific Communication panel. She spoke about her experience creating a viral public-facing video on the ovary.

May 2018

  • Congratulations to Jordan Machlin and Jenny Rowley for their successful first MS-RSM thesis committee meetings!
  • Congratulations to Tracy for receiving the 2018 spring/summer Constance Campbell Trainee Travel Award though the Center for Reproductive Science.  This award will allow her to attend and present her work at the 2018 Society for the Study of Reproduction meeting in New Orleans this July.
  • Dr. Duncan gives a talk in Denver, CO to the Colorado Association of Reproductive Technologists.  Her talk was on “Oncofertility advances: merging biology and technology.”
  • Dr. Duncan returns to the Marine Biological Laboratories at Woods Hole to teach in the the 2018 Frontiers in Reproduction program!  She was a student (FIRbee) in the same program when she was a graduate student in 2004!
  • Dr. Duncan participates in the International Summit on Assisted Reproduction and Genetics. Her talk is “Frontiers in fertility preservation: merging biology and technology.”

April 2018

  • A new Duncan Lab publication:
    S.L. Manuel, B.W. Johnson, C.W. Frevert, F.E. Duncan. (2018) "Revisiting the scientific method to improve rigor and reproducibility of immunohistochemistry in reproductive science." Biol Reprod, Apr 21 [Epub ahead of print].
  • Tracy Zhou and Atsuko Kato presented their research at the 2018 Annual Lewis Landsberg Research Day at the Feinberg School of Medicine
  • Congratulations on Sharron Manuel and Leah Simon on successfully completing their first committee meetings on their MS-RSM thesis research projects!
  • A new Duncan Lab publication:
    B.F. Kimler, S.M. Briley, B.W. Johnson, A.G. Armstrong, S. Jasti, F.E. Duncan. (2018) “Radiation-induced follicle loss occurs without overt stromal changes.” Reproduction, In Press.
  • Dr. Duncan gives a talk to undergraduate biology majors at Andrews University in Berrien, MI: “The Oncofertility Consortium: Using Biology and Technology to Advance Fertility Preservation Options.”

March 2018

  • Congratulations to Allison Grover, Atsuko Kusuhara, and Tracy Zhou for successfully defending their MS theses!
  • Check out this awesome pop video about that Jordan Machlin made about the ovary:
  • Dr. Duncan gives a talk at the Endocrine Society’s 100th Annual Meeting & Expo, Chicago, IL. “Egg quality at age extremes.”

February 2018

  • Congratulations to Dr. Duncan, Dr. Mary Ellen Pavone, and Dr. Michele Pritchard for being awarded an R01 grant from the NICHD!
  • A new Duncan Lab publication:
    F.E. Duncan. (2018) “Mammalian oogenesis and female reproductive aging.” Aging, Epub ahead of print.

January 2018

  • Welcome Jordan Machlin, Ronni Manuel, Jenny Rowley, and Leah Simon to the lab!
  • A new Duncan Lab publication:
    A.G. Armstrong, B.F. Kimler, B.M. Smith, T.K. Woodruff, M.E. Pavone, F.E. Duncan (2018). “Ovarian tissue cryopreservation in young females through the Oncofertility Consortium’s National Physicians Cooperative.” Future Oncology, 14: 363:378.

December 2017

  • A new Duncan Lab publication:
    F.E. Duncan, S. Jasti, A. Paulson, J.M. Kelsh, B. Fegley, J.L. Gerton. (2017) “Age-associated dysregulation of protein metabolism in the mammalian oocyte.” Aging Cell, 16: 1381-1393.

November 2017

  • Duncan lab members present their research at the 2017 Oncofertility Meeting

October 2017

  • Dr. Duncan gives a talk at the ASBMB Special Symposia: Emerging Roles for the Nucleolus, Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Kansas City, MO “Reproductive age-associated changes in the mammalian oocyte nucleolus.”

September 2017

  • Dr. Duncan is named a 2017 United States Senior Fulbright Scholar!
  • Congratulations to Dr. Duncan and Dr. Mary Ellen Pavone for receiving a Friends of Prentice grant!
  • A new Duncan Lab publication:
    F.E. Duncan (2017) “Egg quality during the pubertal transition – is youth all it’s cracked up to be?” Frontiers in Endocrinology, 8: 226.

July 2017

  • Dr. Duncan joins the Board of Reviewing Editors for Biology of Reproduction
  • Dr. Duncan gives a talk at the Society for the Study of Reproduction 50th Annual Meeting, Washington, DC in the William Hansel Symposium on Ovarian Function. “Inflamm-Aging is a Hallmark of the Ovarian Follicle in Mouse and Human.” 

June 2017

  • Duncan lab members present their research at the 2017 Center for Reproductive Science and Medicine Summit. Congratulations to Tracy Zhou for receiving the Constance Campbell Research Award!
  • Congratulations Natalie Quan for receiving the best presentation award at the Master of Biotechnology Program Industrial Advisory Board!

March 2017

  • Congratulations Dr. Duncan on receiving a research grant from the Pediatric Oncofertility Research Foundation!
  • Dr. Duncan appears on the BBC/The Naked Scientists Podcast, “Is Modern Life Affecting Fertility?” Podcast Link

February 2017

  • Dr. Duncan becomes an Associate Editor for Molecular Human Reproduction

January 2017

  • Dr. Duncan gives a talk at the Southwest Embryology Society, Chandler, AZ “Advances in fertility preservation – from now to next.”
  • Dr. Duncan moderates a panel discussion, “Incorporating Sex into your Research Agenda,” Sex Inclusion in Biomedical Research Workshop & Symposium, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL Panel Discussion Link

December 2016

  • The Duncan Lab receives the 2016 Best Cover Award for the journal Reproduction!

August 2016

  • Dr. Duncan appears on the BBC/The Naked Scientists Radio Podcast, “Why Does Female Fertility Fall with Age?” Podcast Link
  • Our newest publication:
    Briley et al, Reproduction, 2016 received a F1000 Prime Recommendation – thank you Professor Raymond Rodgers!

July 2016

  • Dr. Duncan gives a talk at the Society for the Study of Reproduction Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, “Age-associated alterations in nucleolar structure and function during the active growth phase of the mammalian oocyte.”
  • A new Duncan Lab publication:
    F.E. Duncan, B.F. Kimler, S.M. Briley (2016). “Combating radiation therapy-induced damage to the ovarian environment.” Future Oncology, 12: 1687-90.

June 2016

  • A new Duncan Lab publication:
    S.M. Briley, S. Jasti, J.E. Hornick, J. McCracken, B. Fegley, M.T. Pritchard, F.E. Duncan (2016), “Reproductive age-associated fibrosis in the stroma of the mammalian ovary.” Reproduction, 152: 245-60. 

April 2016

  • A new Duncan Lab publication:
    N.R. Treff, R.L. Krisher, X. Tao, H. Garnsey, C. Bohrer, E. Silva, J. Landis, D. Taylor, R.T. Scott, T.K. Woodruff, F.E. Duncan (2016). “Next generation sequencing based comprehensive chromosome screening in mouse polar bodies, oocytes, and embryos.” Biology of Reproduction, 94: 76.

December 2015

  • Dr. Duncan gives a talk at the Department of Animal Sciences, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska “Why old eggs go bad: meiotic and cytoplasmic determinants of reproductive aging in the female gamete.”
  • A new Duncan Lab publication:
    Slawson and F.E. Duncan (2015). “Sweet action: the dynamics of O-GlcNAcylation during meiosis in mouse oocytes.” Molecular Reproduction and Development, 82: 915.

April 2015

  • Congratulations Dr. Duncan on being awarded a pilot grant through the Center for Reproductive Health after Disease!

January 2015

  • Dr. Duncan joins the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports

November 2014

  • Dr. Duncan gives a talk at the Center for Women’s Reproductive Sciences Research, Washington University, St. Louis, MO. “Why old eggs go bad: meiotic and cytoplasmic determinants of reproductive aging in the female gamete.”
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