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Following are some of the resources and tools that our lab uses in our work.


Electrophysiology solutions:

Anatomy protocols:

Other materials and resources are available on request.

Igor Pro scripts

Raw scripts as used by lab members. You are free to modify them for use in your own work, but please acknowledge us or cite the appropriate journal article in any publications that result. Familiarity with Igor Pro scripting is assumed.

  • Bouton model: This geometric model was written to generate analyses published in Baufreton et al, 2009. It produces simulated bouton distributions within the same volume as real boutons from single filled external globus pallidus neurons in the subthalamic nucleus.
  • IPSC dynamic clamp: This model was written for data acquisition for experiments published in Atherton et al, 2013. It produces simulated IPSC waveforms for use as conductance waveforms in dynamic clamp experiments.