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Lab Members

Meet the Ardehali Lab team members. We welcome requests for information about our work and collaboration opportunities.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Maryam  Balibegloo

Maryam Balibegloo, MD

maryam.balibegloo( at )

Mohammad Keykhaei

Mohammad Keykhaei, PhD

mohammad.keykhaei( at )

Amir Mahmoodzadeh

Amir Mahmoodzadeh, PhD

amir.mahmoodzadeh( at )

Yuki Tatekoshi

Yuki Tatekoshi, MD/PhD

yuki.tatekoshi( at )

Technical Staff

Ashley Akrami

Ashley Akrami, BS

ashley.akrami( at )

Chunlei Chen

Chunlei Chen, MS

chunlei.chen( at )

Mingyang Liu

Mingyang Liu, MS

mingyang.liu( at )