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Meet the Singer Lab team members. We welcome requests for information about our work and collaboration opportunities.

Principal Investigator

Benjamin  Singer

Benjamin Singer, MD

Lawrence Hicks Professor of Pulmonary Medicine and Associate Professor of Medicine (Pulmonary & Critical Care) and Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics

benjamin-singer( at )

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Anthony Joudi

Anthony Joudi, MD

anthony.joudi( at )

Graduate Students

Jonathan Gurkan

Jonathan Gurkan

jonathan.gurkan( at )

Qianli (Iris) Liu

Qianli (Iris) Liu

qianli.liu( at )

Carla Patricia Reyes Flores

Carla Patricia Reyes Flores

carlapatriciarf( at )

Manuel Torres Acosta

Manuel Torres Acosta, PhD

manuel.torres( at )

Lab Manager

Katie Helmin

Katie Helmin

helmin( at )