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Schaeffer Laboratory

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The Schaeffer lab is conducting research to identify prostate cancers that are more likely to evade anti-androgen therapies and progress to lethal disease. We aim to mechanistically characterize and therapeutically target the drivers of disease aggressiveness using indigenously developed in vitro and in vivo tools. We work hand-in-hand with clinicians, biostatisticians and basic scientists to reveal the biology and clinical characteristics of aggressive prostate cancer with the long-term goal of translating our benchside discoveries into improved outcomes for patients in the clinical setting.

Our Mission

Nearly 32,000 men die annually from prostate cancer in the United States. The overarching goal of our research is to reduce prostate cancer mortality rates by identifying the molecular underpinnings driving prostate cancers with lethal potential and developing novel therapeutic targets for prostate cancers that are resistant to other therapies.

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Taking A Northwestern Direction

“Northwestern isn’t just a compass point on a map. Here, it’s a mindset. A Northwestern Direction is a journey that each one of us creates and defines as our own. There’s always a new adventure, a new idea, and a new discovery—no matter what path you pursue.”

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