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Xunrong Luo Lab

About Our Lab

The Luo laboratory studies the cellular and molecular mechanisms that determine tolerance versus immunity in solid organ and tissue transplantation. A particular focus of the laboratory is the transplantation of pancreatic islet cells. The process, an experimental approach of treating type 1 diabetes, involves transplanting the cluster of cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. The transplanted cells can then regulate levels of glucose in the blood of the recipient. By understanding the mechanisms of rejection, we have developed a method to coax the host’s immune system to not reject the transplanted cells in order to allow complete avoidance of immunosuppression drugs.


We collaborate with the following Northwestern University labs:

Xunrong Luo, MD/PhD

Xunrong Luo, MD/PhD
Associate Professor in Medicine-Nephrology, Microbiology-Immunology and Surgery-Organ Transplantation

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