The primary goal of the research we do in this lab is to understand the nature of the somatosensory and motor signals within the brain that control our movements. We study the "language" of these control signals and the networks of neurons that produce them. Along with this basic research, we are working to develop neural interfaces that directly connect the brain of a spinal cord injured patient with the outside world. These interfaces will ultimately allow patients to operate a computer or a prosthetic device. They may also bypass the injured spinal cord in order to reactivate paralyzed muscles, or to restore the sense of touch and limb movement.

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Current Research

Decision-making in the brain (click image to view project)
Using brain-controlled muscle stimulation (FES) to overcome paralysis (click image to view project)
Deciphering proprioception, the "sixth sense" (click image to view project)
Brain stimulation to restore proprioception, the sense of limb movement (click image to view project)