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Principal Investigator


Thorsten Kahnt, PhD
thorsten.kahnt( at )
Assistant Professor in Neurology - Ken and Ruth Davee Department
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Postdoctoral Fellows


James Howard, PhD
james-howard( at )
Postdoctoral Fellow

My research is focused on the neural mechanisms by which the human brain acquires and encodes predictive information about rewarding outcomes, and how these representations guide goal-directed behavior.

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Laura Shanahan, PhD
LauraShanahan2012( at )
Postdoctoral Fellow, T32 Sleep and Circadian Rhythms

I study interactions between sensory systems and cognitive processes, in particular how sleep and circadian timing can influence odor perception and food intake.

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Jana Tegelbeckers, PhD
jana.tegelbeckers( at )
Postdoctoral Fellow, DFG fellowship

I investigate how the orbitofrontal cortex contributes to learning and generalization. My aim is to understand the role of OFC in maladaptive decision making in patients with substance use disorder.

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Graduate Students

Shiloh L.Cooper

Shiloh L. Cooper, BA, BS
shilohcooper2023( at )
NUIN Student

I am interested in how sensory information is encoded and transformed in neural circuits, and how it is used for decision making. I aim to study connectivity between olfactory brain regions, and how they process odor information.

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Tejas C.Joshi

Tejas C. Joshi, MS
tejas.joshi( at )
FSM Medical Student - AOSC

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Vivek Sagar, MS
VivekSagar2016( at )
NUIN Student

I use functional neuroimaging and computational modeling to study how odors are encoded in the human brain.

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Research Staff


Hamna Siddiqui, BS
hamna.siddiqui( at )
Research Study Assistant



Surabhi Bhutani, PhD
surabhi.bhutani( at )
Postdoctoral Fellow

Surabhi was a postdoc in the lab until 2018. She is now an Assistant Professor and PI at San Diego State University.

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Rachel Reynolds, BS
rachel.reynolds( at )
Research Study Coordinator

Rachel was a Research Study Coordinator in the lab until 2018. She is now an Outreach and Prevention Specialist at National Runaway Safeline.


Devyn Smith, BS
sdevyn29( at )
Research Study Assistant

Devyn was a Research Study Assistant from 2017-2019. She is now a PhD graduate student at the University of Virginia.

Javier A.Suarez

Javier A. Suarez, BS
javier.suarez( at )
FSM Medical Student - AOSC

Javier was a MD student in the lab until 2019. He is now a Neurology Resident at Mass General, Harvard Medical School.

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Fang Wang, PhD
fangwang( at )
Postdoctoral Fellow

Fang was a postdoc in the lab until 2019. She is now a postdoc at Duke University.

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