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The Carvill Lab welcomes your questions and comments. For general feedback and inquries, please contact us for more information via our office information below.

General lab information:

303 E Chicago Ave
Ward building 9-183
Chicago, IL, 60611
Office: 312-503-6187
Lab: 312-503-2196

Dr. Carvill

Support the Carvill Lab Research

The Carvill lab is supported by both federal and foundation grants, including the NIH, the American Epilepsy Society and the CURE Foundation. While these funding sources are crucial in sustaining our ongoing research, and are very much appreciated, private philanthropy supports new projects and ideas in the lab that aren't funded under these traditional mechanisms. With generous donations from the community we can explore high risk, high reward projects towards finding new genetic causes of epilepsy, understand biological mechanisms and search for new therapeutics.

If you would like to make an online donation, please go to the secure online giving form, please select 'OTHER DESIGNATION' and specify 'Carvill Lab Research' in the text box. Please note this is not the same as the 'Epilepsy Gift Fund', more information for this fund can be found here.

For patients and families

Northwestern University is committed to excellence in pediatric and adult epilepsy clinical care.

If you and/or your family member have had a genetic test, called whole exome sequencing, but have yet to identify a genetic cause, the CURE Foundation’s Epilepsy Genetics Initiative - EGI may be of interest to you. EGI has created a centralized database to hold the genetic data of people with epilepsy. The data will be analyzed and reanalyzed until the cause of the person’s epilepsy is found. Findings will be reported back to the person's doctor.