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Geoffrey Swanson Lab

Lab Members

Meet the Lab team members. We welcome requests for information about our work and collaboration opportunities.

Principal Investigator


Geoffrey Swanson, PhD
gtswanson( at )
Professor in Pharmacology
(312) 503-1052
PhD: University of California-Los Angeles, Pharmacology (1993).
Cellular Electrophysiology; Drug Discovery; Epilepsy; Nervous System Diseases; Neurobiology; Neuroscience; Pain; Pharmacology
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Graduate Students


Erica Binelli
EricaBinelli2020( at )

(312) 503-0477 / (312) 503-0465
BS: DePaul University, Biology & Psychology (2014).

KendallFoote (Timmons)

Kendall Foote (Timmons)
kendalltimmons2014( at )

(312) 503-0477
BS: University of Michigan, Neuroscience, Minor in Music (2014).


Kristine Watral
kristinewatral2019( at )

(312) 503-0477
BA: Ripon College, Psychobiology, Minors in Chemistry & English
My research is focused on elucidating the function of the HNK-1 glycoepitope—a sulfated trisaccharide that is attached post-translationally to a select number of proteins—and its relevance to Alzheimer’s disease.

Research Staff

Helene Lyons
h-lyons-swanson( at )
Research Technician
(312) 503-0477


Jacob Stolz
jacob.stolz( at )
Research Technician
(312) 503-0477 / (312) 503-0465
BA: Loyola University Chicago, Psychology (2014).