Former Lab Members

Tim Vernon, Graduate Student, University of California-Berkeley

Jose Albites Sanabria, Graduate Student, BME, Brown University

Ted Ballou, Graduate Student, University of Illinois at Chicago

Matt Bauman, Graduate Student, BME, University of Pittsburgh

David Bontrager, Graduate Student, BME, University of Zurich

Matt Burns, Medical Student, University of Illinois at Chicago

Longtang Chen, Associate Prof, Otolaryngology & Communicative Sciences, Univ Mississippi Med Center

Christopher R. Jackson, Medical Student, University of Michigan

Anil Cherian, President, S.D.G. Consulting, Inc.

Becca Fenton-Friesen, Graduate Student, ME, Northwestern University

Brian Franco, Clinical Neurotechnology Research Assistant, Braingate 2, Boston MA

Martha Johnson Gdowski, Associate Prof, Dept Neurobiology and Anatomy, Univ Rochester Med Center

Michael Harvey, Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt Univ. Medical Center. & Clinical Neurophysiologist at Sentient Medical Systems.

Robert N. Holdefer, Assistant Professor, Department Rehab Medicine, Univ of Washington School of Med

Klaus Huebert: Postdoctoral Project Scientist, Institute for Hydrobiology and Fisheries, University of Hamburg

Luke Jordan, Graduate Student, BME, University of Minnesota

Max Krucoff: Neurosurgical resident, Duke University School of Medicine

Alex Kuck, Graduate Student, BME, University of Twente, Netherlands

Brian London, Post-doctoral fellow with Mark Churchland, Columbia University, New York

John Miller, Research Assistant in the University of Iowa Department of Neurosurgery

Rebecca Moore, Medical Student, University of Arkansas Medical School

Michelle M. Morrow, Post-doctoral fellow with Peter L. Strick, Univ. of Pittsburgh

Kate Murray, Research Specialist, Department of Organismal Biology and Anatamy, University of Chicago

Kevin Novak, Director of Neurophysiology at NorthShore University HealthSystem

Emily Oby, Post-doctoral fellow with Aaron Batista, University of Pittsburgh

Eric Pohlmeyer, Senior Professional Staff, Applied Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Stephan Potgeiter, Graduate Student, BME, Delft University

Jim Rebesco, Trader, Virtu Financial, LLC

Hans Christian Riis, Graduate Student, BME, Aalborg University

Nicholas Sachs, Clinical Systems Engineer, St Jude Medical, Los Angeles

Marianna Semprini, Post-doctoral fellow, Italian Institute of Technology

Gynter Schneider, Graduate Student, BME, Aalborg University

Marc Slutzky, Assistant Professor, Neurology/Physiology, Northwestern University

Michael Tu, Systems Test Engineer, Fresenius Kabi, Lake Zurich IL

Alessandro Vato, Assistant Professor, Robotics, brain and cognitive sciences, Italian Institute of Technology

Ben Walker, Research Engineer, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Paul Wanda, Research Project Manager for DARPA RAM, University of Pennsylvania

Boubker Zaaimi, Research Associate, Institute for Neuroscience, Newcastle University

Amina Kinkhabwala, Staff Scientist, California Institute of Technology

Stephanie Naufel Thacker, Scientific and Technical Advisor, DARPA Biological Technologies Office

Matt Perich, Post-doctoral fellow, University of Geneva

Maria Jantz, Graduate Student, University of Pittsburgh

Pablo Tostado, Graduate Student, University of California, Irvine