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Principal Investigator


Thorsten Kahnt, PhD
thorsten.kahnt( at )
Assistant Professor in Neurology - Ken and Ruth Davee Department
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Postdoctoral Fellows


Surabhi Bhutani, PhD
surabhi.bhutani( at )
Postdoctoral Fellow (T32 Center for Sleep & Circadian Biology Training Program)

I am interested in the neural circuits governing food preference and intake. In particular, I study the effects of sleep-deprivation on neural processing of highly palatable, energy-dense food odors in the human brain.​

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James Howard, PhD
james-howard( at )
Postdoctoral Fellow (T32 Training Program in the Neuroscience of Human Cognition)

My research is focused on the mechanisms by which the human brain encodes information about rewarding stimuli, and how these representations guide goal-oriented behavior. In particular, I study how neural reward representations change with the internal state (i.e., hunger) to redirect decisions.

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Fang Wang, PhD
fangwang( at )
Postdoctoral Fellow

I study neural mechanisms underlying context-dependent generalization. In particular, I am interested in how context modulates generalization and how this process is mediated by hippocampal-OFC circuits.

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Graduate Students

Andrew P.W.Gonzales

Andrew P.W. Gonzales, BA
andrew.gonzales( at )
FSM Medical Student - AOSC

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Javier A.Suarez

Javier A. Suarez, BS
javier.suarez( at )
FSM Medical Student - AOSC

I am interested in the neural basis of decision-making, especially with regards to OFC function in coding specific reward identities. Also, I am interested in risky decision-making and in elucidating brain regions responsible for maladaptive behaviors such as gambling and addiction.​

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Research Staff


Rachel Reynolds, BS
rachel.reynolds( at )
Research Study Assistant