Jay Gottfried

Jay Gottfried obtained MD and PhD degrees from New York University, and subsequently completed a neurology residency at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2001 he received a Physician-Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, giving him an opportunity to work at the Functional Imaging Lab, University College London, UK, with Prof. Ray Dolan, where he studied the neural organization of human olfaction. Since September 2004, Dr. Gottfried has been in Chicago at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, where he is Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology and the Cognitive Neurology & Alzheimer's Disease Center (CNADC), with a secondary appointment in the Department of Psychology (Northwestern - Evanston Campus). His favorite smell is shiso leaf and his favorite superhero is Plastic Man.

Shayna Rose Levine

Shayna graduated with a BA in Neuroscience and Spanish from Vanderbilt University in 2014. She is the new research study assistant in the lab and is responsible for helping to scan subjects for various studies, recruit subjects, lab safety, ordering and other odds and ends. She previously worked in Dr. David Zald’s cognitive neuroscience lab at Vanderbilt where she contributed to studies involving rTMS, emotion regulation and OFC lesions. Her favorite smell is cucumber and her favorite superhero is Rainbow Girl.

Heidi Jiang

Heidi received her B.Sc. in Cognitive Neuroscience from Brown University in 2011 and is currently a neuroscience Ph.D. student at Northwestern University. She uses electrocorticographic and fMRI techniques to understand spatiotemporal coding in human olfactory cortex. Her favorite superhero is Arm-Fall-Off-Boy and her favorite smell is freshly brewed chrysanthemum tea.

Laura Shanahan

Laura Shanahan received her B.S. from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2012, and is currently a 2nd year* neuroscience graduate student. Laura is interested in the neural mechanisms underlying sleep’s role in memory, and for her current project, she is using odors to facilitate memory consolidation in human subjects while they sleep in an MRI scanner. Laura’s favorite odor is the smell of new books and her favorite superhero is Darkwing Duck. [*Given the sporadic frequency with which this website is updated, Laura could be a 3rd or
even a 4th year graduate student by now.]

Mathieu d'Acremont

Mathieu d'Acremont a.k.a "Mathyouuuuuu" (Franco-English pronunciation) – BA and PhD in Psychology, MS in Clinical Psychology, MS in Statistics from the University of Geneva, and postdoc at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Caltech. Research: Mathieu studies how expectation and sensation interact to allow for rapid odor identification and the role played by uncertainty. Two-alternative forced-choice models, Bayesian analyses, and fMRI are used to explore this question at a neurobiological level. He is also
interested in how odors can influence our choices by reactivating specific memories, a question that has important ramifications for neuromarketing. His favorite superhero is Captain Future and his favorite smell is the relaxing mixture of lemon and mint.

Agnes (Xiaojun) Bao

Agnes (Xiaojun) Bao – B.S. in Biology from Nanjing University and Stony Brook University. She entered the Northwestern Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program in 2011. Her current research interest is to understand the role of associative piriform connection in odor coding, and how the underlying neural processes contribute to odor perception. She uses psychophysical and fMRI techniques in human subjects, as well as behavioral, immunohistological and pharmacological methods in mice. She likes the smell of sandalwood
best, and her favorite superhero is Professor X.

Lisa Qu

Lisa Qu - Lisa received her BA in Behavioral Biology from Johns Hopkins University and is currently pursuing a PhD through the Northwestern Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program. Lisa is interested in studying the development of novel odor object representations through multi-sensory learning, using fMRI, psychophysical, and physiological techniques. Lisa enjoys cooking, swimming, playing with her dog Beans, and sour candy. Her favorite superhero is Captain Underpants and one of her favorite smells is sesame oil.

James Howard

James Howard – B.S. in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Akron. James’ research focuses on examining the nature of odor object coding in human olfactory cortex. Multivariate statistical methods, psychophysical ratings and general linear modeling of brain imaging data are employed to examine this issue in both young healthy adults and patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He is currently a neuroscience Ph.D. student at Northwestern. His favorite superhero is Spider-Man and his favorite smell is freshly brewed coffee.

Christina Zelano

Christina Zelano - PhD in Biophysics at UC Berkeley. Research: fMRI and psychophysics of olfaction. More specifically, interested in perceptual coding of odors in piriform cortex, both in general, and how it changes in response to selective attention to particular odors. Also interested in the role of the mediodorsal thalamus in olfaction. Least (or is the most??) favorite smell: trimethylamine.

Joanna (Keng Nei) Wu

Joanna (Keng Nei) Wu a.k.a "JoJo" – BA in Psychology from University of California at Los Angeles, Degree in progress from Northwestern University Interdepartmental Neuroscience. Research: Joanna is interested in understanding how olfactory experiences modulate olfactory perception and neural plasticity of odorant coding in the human olfactory cortex. Functional magnetic resonance imaging and sensory psychophysics are used to examine changes induced by olfactory deprivation and other olfactory experiences. She also supplies the Gottfried lab with a constant stream of chocolate. Her favorite superhero is Doraemon and her favorite smell is dark chocolate from Trinidad and Tobago.


Sydni Cole

Sydni Cole received her BA in Neuroscience from Lake Forest College, and worked in the lab as a research technician from 2012-2014. In Summer 2014 she joined the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern as an MD-PhD student. Her favorite superhero is Iron Man and her favorite smell is rosemary.

Nick Bowman

Nick Bowman received an AB degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Chicago (2005), and obtained his Neuroscience PhD in 2014 from Northwestern, where he studied olfactory perceptual decision-making in the human brain. He is now doing postgraduate work as a 'predictive analytics consultant' in the private sector. His favorite superhero is Batman and his favorite smell is freshly toasted coriander seeds.

Katherina Hauner

Katherina received her Ph.D. from Northwestern University and was a post-doc in the Gottfried lab, where she studied smell, sleep, and fear. She is now Assistant Director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at the Rehab Institute of Chicago. Her favorite smell is the smell of fear. Her favorite "superhero" is Ferda Mravenec (Ferda the Ant), who is known in Czech children's books for his thoughtfulness and his red polka-dotted necktie.

Jonas Olofsson

Jonas Olofsson received his PhD from Umea University in Sweden and worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Stockholm Brain Institute (Stockholm University and Karolinska Institutet) before joining the Gottfried lab. He is now Professor of Psychology at Stockholm University. His favorite superhero is Skalman, the clever but slightly confused turtle from the Swedish cartoon Bamse. His favorite smell is the odor of fermented herring, a traditional dish from northern Sweden.

Wen Li

Wen Li - Degree in Medicine from China, PhD in Psychology from Northwestern University, Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern University. Wen is now Assistant Professor of Psychology at University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she has her own lab using ERP, fMRI, and psychophysics methods to understand the neural links between smell and anxiety. Her favorite superhero is The Monkey King and her favorite smell is the aroma of a whiskey sour.

Appu Mohanty

Appu Mohanty received her Ph.D. in Psychology from University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign and was a post-doc in the lab. In 2011 she became Assistant Professsor of Psychology at Stony Brook University in New York, where she studies olfactory and emotional processing in the brain as well as how sensory context impacts valence coding. Her favorite smell is the smell of filamentous bacteria - Actinomycetes.

Connie Choi

Connie Choi was a medical student at the Feinberg School of Medicine and conducted summer research in the lab. She will be starting a pediatrics residency in 2014. Her favorite smell is fresh rain, and her favorite superheroes are the Parr family members from The Incredibles. She wishes that she had her personal Edna Mode.

Ritu Chouhan

Ritu Chouhan – BA in Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis. Ritu was a summer intern in the Olfaction Lab and was critical for designing the original Gottfried Lab website in 2008.

Katherine Khatibi

Katherine Khatibi received her BS in Brain Behavior and Cognitive Science from the University of Michigan. She was a research tech in the olfaction lab between 2011-2012, and in 2012 started medical school at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Katherine’s favorite smell is lavender.

Katie Phillips

Katie Phillips – BA in Biochemistry from Boston College. Katie was a research tech in the olfaction lab between 2009-2011. She started medical school at The Ohio State University in the fall of 2010. Go Katie!!Her favorite smell is acetophenone, a brand new sneaker smell.

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