The research in the Contractor lab is focused on investigation of the molecular mechanisms involved in modulating synaptic efficacy in the CNS. Synapses are the sites of contact between neurons and chemical transmission at these structures is central to all cognitive processes. In particular we have a strong interest in elucidating the molecular nature of synaptic plasticity of excitatory synapses, which is at the root of learning, memory and cognition.


We employ an array of technical approaches including single cell recording in brain slices, molecular analysis, cellular imaging and mouse behavior. Utilizing broad based technical approaches allows us to address fundamental questions about the basis of neurological dysfunction in disorders such as autism, fragile X, obsessive compulsive disorders and anxiety.




Intrinsic Excitability

Modulation of neuronal excitability


Autism Models

Disruption of synaptic function in neurodevelopmental disorders

 Fragile X Syndrome


Affective Disorders

 Striatal circuit dysfunction in perseverative behaviors and affective disorders

Excitatory Synapses

 Postsynaptic signaling by glutamate receptor complexes

Presynaptic Mechanisms

 Mechanisms of modulation of neurotransmitter release

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