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Anis Contractor

Jian Xu

Claire Piochon

Associate Professor

Research Assistant Professor

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • . . .

    1999 - PhD - SUNY - Buffalo, New York


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  • . . .

    2008 - PhD - Neuroscience - Université Pierre et Marie Curie


    2004 - MS - Neuroscience - Université Pierre et Marie Curie


    2003 - BS - Cell Biology and Physiology - Université Paris Sud - Paris, France


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Toshihiro Nomura

John Marshall

Yiwen Zhu

Postdoctoral fellow

Graduate Student

Graduate Student

  • . . .

    2008 - BA - Biochemistry, Philosophy - Columbia University, New York, NY


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Christine Remmers

Kelly Marshall

Stephen Kraniotis

Graduate Student

Master's Student

Research Technician


  • . . .

    2008 - BSc - Biological Sciences & Psychology - Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburgh, PA


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  • . . .

    2014 - BA - Neuroscience - University of Colorado Boulder, CO

Research Opportunities in the Contractor Lab

Postdoctoral Positions

Upon occasion opportunities exist for talented and highly motivated postdoctoral fellows in the laboratory.   Interested candidates should submit curriculum vitae along with the contact details of three references.

Rotation Students

Positions for graduate students interested in performing their thesis studies in the Contractor laboratory are available for individuals from the NUIN, DGP, and MSTP programs at Northwestern University.

Undergraduate Students

Occasional positions are available for temporary or part-time laboratory assistants. Undergraduate students with a desire to gain laboratory experience are encouraged to contact us.

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