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Principal Investigator


Geoffrey Swanson, PhD
gtswanson( at )
Professor in Pharmacology
(312) 503-1052
PhD: University of California-Los Angeles, Pharmacology (1993).
Cellular Electrophysiology; Drug Discovery; Epilepsy; Nervous System Diseases; Neurobiology; Neuroscience; Pain; Pharmacology
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Neurology Fellow

Dr. WilliamNobis, MD, PhD

Dr. William Nobis, MD, PhD
william-nobis( at )

(312) 503-0477
MD: Vanderbilt University (2011). PhD: Vanderbilt University, Neuroscience (2009).
My interest is in elucidating mechanisms of epileptogenesis. Many cases of temporal lobe epilepsy are refractory to medical treatment, highlighting the need for further study in order to develop novel treatments. Both human pathology and various animal models of temporal lobe epilepsy are marked by hippocampal dentate granule cell hyperexcitability and extensive loss of dentate hilar mossy cells. I am interested in the network formed between hippocampal granule neurons and hilar mossy cells in epileptic states. I also maintain an interest in the role of psychological factors - namely stress and anxiety - in epilepsy and seizures.

Postdoctoral Fellows


Tristan Hedrick, PhD
tristanhedrick2008( at )

(312) 503-0465
PhD: Northwestern University, Neuroscience (2013). BA: Amherst College, Biology (2005).
I study the effect of galectins on neuronal function in the CNS. Galectins are a family of β-galactoside binding proteins expressed throughout the periphery and the CNS. These proteins are generally studied regarding their role in cancer pathology, immune function, or cell-matrix interactions. My work examines the role of galectins in healthy brain function as well as their potential role in network hyperexcitability surrounding brain tumors. In a second project, I study the recurrent networks within the hilus that generate and sustain pathological network activity in temporal lobe epilepsy. I am particularly interested in the recurrent network formed between hippocampal granule neurons and hilar mossy cells- large, multipolar cells which make broad connections within the hilus and even between hemispheres and that are particularly prone to degeneration in epilepsy.

Graduate Students


Erica Binelli
EricaBinelli2020( at )

(312) 503-0477 / (312) 503-0465
BS: DePaul University, Biology & Psychology (2014).

KendallFoote (Timmons)

Kendall Foote (Timmons)
kendalltimmons2014( at )

(312) 503-0477
BS: University of Michigan, Neuroscience, Minor in Music (2014).

Research Staff

Helene Lyons
h-lyons-swanson( at )
Research Technician
(312) 503-0477


Jacob Stolz
jacob.stolz( at )
Research Technician
(312) 503-0477 / (312) 503-0465
BA: Loyola University Chicago, Psychology (2014).